Dainty Zebra Escape

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What a fascinating creature came to the town that day, actually it was only fascinating to some for the said creature which was a zebra is really panicking and is all over the place! People have been trying to catch the creature for it might hurt somebody or destroy stuff there. As one of the persons who were fascinated with the creature, Dennis was assigned to free the creature right until it calms down. That took at least a couple of days until eventually, it was ready to leave.

Dennis checked the animal delicately for injuries and all, it seems to be okay now and is ready to go. But first though Dennis needs to get those keys for the place where the zebra is being kept and really he doesn’t know where to go to, for the place isn’t even his! Looks like Dennis is going to work a little here, well probably a lot for that key could be anywhere. He needs to do this for he really couldn’t free the zebra without it. Escape players, will you help Dennis here on this so the zebra can finally return to its home to the wilds?

Dainty Zebra Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Dainty Zebra Escape


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