Dachshund Rescue

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Randall had made his house here or his area rather in the forest safe for him and his dogs, and those were all dachshunds. Now the only threat to them here are the dangerous wild animals which has every opportunity to go after his pets here or him directly. But little did he know that day, a potential danger came to one of his dachshunds there and it’s actually one of his doings that got it in a bit of a bind!

This one dachshund of his is trapped inside one of the small houses he built which was made of stone! It was suppose to be for his dachshunds really but he is now thinking about it, for he is now planning to turn it into something else. But then his dachshund is in there and was trying to escape! Randall was kind of confused how it locked itself in there, and how did it even get inside for that thing is suppose to be closed. Okay then, Randall is on to this now for it is his beloved pet is in trouble. Escape players, come and help Randall here then in rescuing his dachshund. Carefully as well so it won’t get hurt.

Dachshund Rescue is another new point and click pet rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Dachshund Rescue

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