Cycling Boy Escape Game

Cycling Boy Escape

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Come and check-out this rescue challenge with us escape players. Cycling Boy Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Avm Games for another daring adventure. Good luck!

Vic was scanning for birds in the village that day for as a bird-spotter, he is aiming for a big year and this place here which is situated in the deep and thick forest is perfect for that specific rare bird he was on the search for. But that day his mission had a temporary postponing for there was a problem and it's a bit of a concerning one. Vic passed-by a certain house and he immediately got startled! For there was a boy stuck in it and he needs help!

It was that cycling boy who guided him to the place from the previous town which was miles away, Vic instantly came to the rescue, but because this isn't his house and who knows how do one really opens it, it's not going to be easy for he doesn't want to destroy anything either. Vic had called for help but it seems that nobody can hear him, still he went on the rescue for the boy helped him, so he'll lend his hand back as well. Escape players, you are going to need some sort of technique here so you can rescue the cycling boy without damaging anything, care to join in with Vic and try if you can finish this one successfully? Be our guest then and have fun!

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