Cutie Pie Escape

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Danny was asked by a neighbor to rescue something that had entered his cage in his house. This contraption was suppose to be for the pests there in his home but it seems that the thing captured something else and that’s why his neighbor needs help right-now. This contraption captured what looks to be a baby creature and he has no idea what it was! He is scared of it though for stuff like this already traumatizes him thanks to what happened to him years ago.

Okay then, Danny will have to get this creature out. He doesn’t know what it was as well but he will get it out for the peace of mind of his friend here. Escape players, Danny’s neighbor doesn’t want to do anything about this right-now and he is outside waiting. Want to help Danny here get this creature out then so maybe it can return to where it belongs which is in the forest? Go ahead then and careful with this, for no matter how cute it looks inside the cage, there is still a possibility of it being hostile.

Cutie Pie Escape is the newest point and click animal escape game from Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Cutie Pie Escape

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