Cutesy Peachick Escape

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There are peacocks and peahens roaming in the village here, there are a few of them and they just frolic around no worries. Soon there will be a lot of them here for in the beginning there are none of which in this village. Allan is one of the residents there and he can attest that the peacocks here are absolutely majestic, but that day he will come to find it’s not just the males of these birds that are beautiful, but one chick there was too!

Allan found a peabird chick in his shed and it’s trapped there surely, for not even him can open it easily. But what’s catching his attention though was the beauty of this chick, it’s one that he had never seen before, this could be a mutant and it’s some bird. Allan decided to free this chick then, but he’ll have to go out of his way just to do this for the shed is really not easy to open. Escape players, you will be playing as Allan here, will you be able to free this unusual peabird chick from being trapped?

Cutesy Peachick Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 4 King.

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Walkthrough video for Cutesy Peachick Escape

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