Cutesy Girl Rescue Game

Cutesy Girl Rescue

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Marco just bought this wooden but luxurious house in the country and it was good, but in the first few days he kept hearing this weird noise coming from somewhere inside the walls or something. Marco decided to finally find the source of that one day, and when he was navigating in his house, he came to an eventual conclusion that the sound was coming from a girl and she was trapped! Marco had no idea why was there a girl in his house, but he can't just let that be and not get her out from wherever she is right-now.

Escape players, Marco had never experienced something like this before, but he had watched movies before about people being trapped inside walls and this situation is very similar to those. Will you help Marco here locate the trapped girl somewhere in his place so he can get her out? Be ready then for Marco is about to get involved with this potentially big case whatever this is, or for all he knows the voice could be disembodied or something! Use your skills and logic here as well as tools you can find around.

Cutesy Girl Rescue is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by Ekey Games.

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