Cuteness Boy Escape Game

Cuteness Boy Escape

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As a friend, Billy didn't want his friend to be just handsome and doesn't know anything, so he decided to do him a favor and get him out of his house and off to an adventure outdoors! Billy's friend agrees even though he is quite young for an adventure, but his mother kind of agrees on that and besides it is a holiday that day and it's nice to spend it outdoors. Billy arrives at the house of that young friend of his and at first he noticed there wasn't anybody in the house, where were they? And then he heard a call for help coming from inside!

The boy was actually trapped inside his own room and nobody had helped him for his mother was nowhere to be found as well! Billy was confused and could not answer anything there to him, but he can free him out of his room though. Escape players, want to join Billy here on this rescue attempt for his friend who was mysteriously trapped? Try not to force it now and if there is any other way that's not invasive, then that should be done.

Cuteness Boy Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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