Cute Toucan Bird Escape Game

Cute Toucan Bird Escape

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Cute Toucan Bird Escape is a daring point and click animal rescue escape game developed by Avm Games for more fun rescues here in the remote wilderness.

The cute toucan was a huge and strange animal living in the wilderness here and it's the only one for miles across vast forests. The creature might have gotten land-locked and it doesn't know what to do but to survive in the place where it now lives. Nobody harms the creature thankfully, for they know toucans are rarer now, not before where the forests are thriving with them. But one day however, Jimmy noticed that the toucan wasn't present and no matter how hard he tried to spot it, he couldn't and there he knows that the toucan got itself in-trouble for he knew prior that some people in the village are setting traps for food, that could potentially trap that lone toucan and well of course, it got!

Jimmy found-out for sure that the lone toucan living in the area got trapped in something and he can only hears the cries of the creature for who knows where it's really coming from! Will he be able to get the creature free and maybe get it a pair or something? Escape players, you are always welcome to try the rescue adventure here, place yourself on Jimmy and use the best of your skills as well as your logic for a successful rescue. Good luck and have fun!

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