Cute Room Girl Escape Game

Cute Room Girl Escape
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Mack is currently locked inside his sister's girly room and the bad part about this is his sister was nowhere near the house, for she is currently in a sleep-over at a friend's place! He is on his own here and it's strange why his parents couldn't even hear him scream for help. Maybe they are ignoring him? What for though? Whatever the reason is, Mack must escape now or something might go missing in the room and surely he will be to blame if somebody knew he went in there.

Escape players, Mack must remain quite on his escape then, but quickly though for he knows how to stay away from unintentional troubles. He only gives troubles and pranks to people if he wants it, but this he definitely doesn't want. Come and play as Mack here then everyone, see if you can escape the room for right-now the issue is the door, the thing would not open no matter how hard he tried and he is starting to think his sister installed something just in case somebody goes inside her space.

Cute Room Girl Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Escape.


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