Cute Rabbits Rescue

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Nat had just finished on his extensive gardening in his area that day and it’s now time to release those naughty rabbits of his and observe if they are able to pass through his fitted safeguards this time. It seems that is going to have to wait though, for the cage’s key is missing here and he doesn’t recall where he had placed it! Nat already looked through the easy places where he might have kept it, but it seems that thing really doesn’t want to be found. Nat really needs to test his new safeguards here, but that cannot be done as long as the bunnies stays in their cage. Will you be able to help on this then escape players so his bunnies can be allowed to roam around?

Find that key wherever it is then, for Nat here is really not leaning on the decision to damage his cage here just to release the critters. Look around compartments in his home and even the nearby tall bushes, for all you know it so happened to have dropped there and he didn’t notice that yet.

Cute Rabbits Rescue is the newest point and click animal escape game created by Games 2 Escape.

Walkthrough video for Cute Rabbits Rescue


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