Cute Rabbit Family Escape Game

Cute Rabbit Family Escape

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Sonny went-out of his house that evening for he had been wondering where is this strange sound coming from in the forest for it would not stop and it's not giving him some serenity! And so he went to locate the source of the sound so he can finally have some peace and quiet there as he drifts to sleep. He was having quite a hard-time getting there until, he finally found the source, it was coming from a cage not familiar to him and inside it were a family of rabbits!

Sonny did not know there were cages or traps in the place for this area here he knows quite well. It might be that a distant neighbor went too close to his area accidentally. Escape players, looks like Sonny is not going to return home just yet, for he found the source of the noise here and thankfully he has the chance to be able to fix it. Will you help him here though in rescuing an entire family of bunnies so they can return to their burrow somewhere peacefully?

Cute Rabbit Family Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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