Cute Queen Bee Rescue Game

Cute Queen Bee Rescue

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The hive won't be complete without the queen bee. In line with that, the queen bee won't be complete without a king. You are lucky to marry the queen bee. She is the cutest bee in your eyes and you never want to take her out of your sight. But when you woke up, the queen is not by your side. A bee reported that there was an intruder last night and took the queen away. You never thought that this will happen. You will do anything to rescue the queen bee even if you have to through puzzles. The thing is, the puzzles that you have to go through are not easy. But for the sake of the love of your life, you will do your best. You should not worry too much because there are clues that can help you out.

The thing that you have to worry about is the time. She sure is not comfortable with the kidnappers so you have to rescue her as fast as you can. This beehive needs the queen and the queen needs you. Play Cute Queen Bee Rescue room escape game by Genie Fun Games and use your logic to complete this puzzle. Good luck!

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