Cute Prince Rescue From Castle

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War is currently occurring in the vast kingdom and the enemy is closing in, it’s now time to move the rest of the royal family to different places so to save the heir of the king just in case the worst is to come. As one of the king’s henchman, Alberto was sent to take the young prince and get him to the sister kingdom which was their ally. Alberto has a very important task here as much as the others who are driving the enemy back. As he got to the small bastion where the prince is being kept safe, there was an issue there too and that will make Alberto’s task here a little more difficult.

Alberto arrives at the old bastion and he discovers that some of the men had flee from the place already! Cowards! Plus they were scoundrels too for somebody have placed the prince inside the bastion’s cell there and lock him in! How could they. Alberto thought maybe there is a traitor in the mix with them, well then the more he needs to get the prince out of here before all is lost. Escape players, Alberto must first get the prince out of the locked cell so they can then leave. Will you be able to help rescue the prince here so that they can move before the enemy comes?

Cute Prince Rescue From Castle is another new point and click castle escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Cute Prince Rescue From Castle

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