Cute Penguin Rescue

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Penguins are pretty rare to none at all in this icy continent, but one day as a villager in that remote area where snow is falling most of the year, Ken found one and it was like a sight which he never expected to see where he lives. At first, Ken’s neighbor came to him and she said that a penguin just got trapped in one of the houses they were using as a storage and a house for family who were visiting! The statement itself was different for the only penguins in the place are located in the nearby conservation facility of arctic animals and that place is quite secure, but he heard his neighbor right and he needs Ken to get it out while she gets help.

Ken doesn’t know a lot about penguins, but he decided to get the animal out before it hurts itself from the various items in that house, some are quite toxic too! Escape players, Ken needs to carefully open the door of the house where a penguin is currently trapped in, for that creature might get startled and resulting for it getting hurt! Will you help Ken here rescue an animal in such a cold place?

Cute Penguin Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 4 Escape.