Cute Parrot Escape (Games 2 Mad)

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Louie’s beloved sky blue-colored parrot have escaped! Louie quickly went to find it for the area where his house stands is a vast land of wilderness! He fears that his pet parrot might escape into there and he’ll never find it no more. Lucky for him though his parrot have not escape that far, for it went inside the house of his neighbor which was currently unoccupied.

Louie’s neighbor here have not returned for weeks and there might be more days that he won’t be back, but he needs to get his parrot out of there for it doesn’t know how to get out from it. Oh well then, Louie is just going to have to get inside there in any way he can and he’ll just explain to his neighbor what happened when he comes back or even fix what he will be damaging there for trespassing is always pretty serious. Escape players, Louie needs to get his parrot back now and he’ll do so without damaging anything as much as possible in the house there especially in the rooms. His parrot seems to be trapped inside some contraption in the place now and if only he can get it outside and tinker it there then that would be good. Will you help Louie then get his parrot back without of course breaking anything there?

Cute Parrot Escape is a new outdoors pet rescue escape game developed by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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