Cute Ostrich Escape

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The land here is really perfect for the African animals to live in, Stan is really satisfied with what the place had become after it had been prepped by the initial team, now the first animal of the place here can finally enter.

The first animal is an ostrich and Stan is now in-charge of releasing the mega bird to the enclosed wilds here. But there was a problem though, for the key to the cage where that ostrich is was missing! Stan is now on the move to find it for they need to release the bird soon so that they can observe its behavior in the place. Escape players, that ostrich is very much cramped in that cage there and it now needs the open. Will you just help Stan here then in the release by finding that missing key?

Cute Ostrich Escape is a new point-and-click animal escape game developed by Fastrack Games.

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Walkthrough video for Cute Ostrich Escape

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