Cute Modern Girl Escape Game

Cute Modern Girl Escape

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Cute Modern Girl Escape is the newest point and click rescue escape game created by Avm Games for another daring rescue here in a remote area. Best of luck!

Occasionally, the village gets a few visitors from the city for different reasons like sight-seeing in the place, visiting friends, or even visiting family and grandparents. The villagers doesn't get pretty interested in them until one day, Danny saw the noisiest visitor from the city and it was this girl who came to visit her relatives here. She was pretty for Danny, but her blabbering mouth turns him off pretty quickly, so he just goes on his daily typical chores. All-day he had been full of the noise of that girl talking nonsense and for Danny, who in the world does she thinks she is? But little did Danny know he will be rescuing that girl for when everything became quiet finally, he heard a loud scream from her!

What in the world? Even though there is distance between their houses, he can really hear her and its like it's coming from inside his home! The girl actually got trapped in the house of his relatives and Danny thought where could they be? Well because her relatives are Danny's neighbors, he can't help it but not minding his business. Escape players, the girl needs help and her mouth gave her away that she is in some trouble. Care to join Danny as he rescues that city girl who just arrived? Go ahead then.

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