Cute Man Hungry Escape Game

Cute Man Hungry Escape

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For your project in your course, you have to design and build a miniature village. This village will have to depict the things you like and don’t like in a place. Your professor believes that this project will help you see the reasons why builders put together places close to each other or far from one another. You spend most of the morning trying to come up with a theme. Somehow you want to have an artistic approach to your village. However, as the clock ticks, you slowly lose grip on your desire for artistry and simply just want to finish your work. So you start picking up the things you need for your project. You realize you just need to start working and ideas will just flow smoothly. Your project is slowly looking more and more complete. You can’t wait to see the finish product.

Then you feel like you shouldn’t rush things. You stop working and go to bed. You’re hoping to have some fresh ideas the next morning. But your ideas fly out the window the moment you find the cute man looking for food in your tiny village. Play Cute Man Hungry Escape room escape game by Games2Jolly.

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