Cute Lamp Rescue

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Edward has this new lamb and for the entire day, he let the creature stay in the small kennel as he fixes-up the barn where he will be putting it. As the day progressed, Edward finally finished and now it is time to free the lamb out of the kennel. But as he was about to do that though, he realized he didn’t have the key to the kennel and he can’t get the lamb out without it!

Where could that thing be? It’s really lost and nowhere to be found and what’s weird was he can’t remember anything involving that thing at all. He really needs to find that key for he can’t damage the kennel just to get the lamb out for he still needs that thing in the future. Escape players, Edward is going to need a little help here, will you assist him then so he can get his lamb out?

Cute Lamp Rescue is a new point-and-click outdoors animal escape game developed by Fastrack Games.

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Walkthrough video for Cute Lamp Rescue

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