Cute Joker Escape Game

Cute Joker Escape

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There was going to be a party that night and to add into the entertainment, they needed the cute joker who was not only cute but also funny. He cracks people up because of his antics and jokes that are all directed to him. That's a true professional joker, placing himself as the funny one instead of the expense of others. Tina is the organizer of that party and she really needs the cute joker to add in the fun, but she was having a hard-time finding him though, eventually she found-out why.

The cute joker was actually trapped in his own house and he had been calling for help in a while now! It's a good thing Tina needed him and she came, for the cute joker would be forced to do something else just to escape and that might involve in him getting hurt. Escape players, Tina will surely rescue the cute joker and at that moment she isn't even thinking about anything else but to just get him out of there. Will you join Tina and see if you can help as well? Play as Tina here then and make use of the things you'll find to help the joker out.

Cute Joker Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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