Cute Girl Rescue From Market

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The market is quite a big place and parts of it are really crowded, as an officer assigned there Mario knows it all for he had been on his job there for a year now, still he ain’t seen everything yet. One day as he was just standing checking an area in that said market, a woman came to him and she was hysterical! the woman said she lost her daughter somewhere and she couldn’t find her. This is where Mario’s badge calls him, for there are a lot of bad people here in this place and time is of the essence, for all he knows the kid could be trapped behind a door in one of the shops and because the market is noisy, nobody can hear her call help.

Escape players, officer Mario might have a potential rescue here and of course he needs to respond to that. Would you join in his rescue attempt in the market both in the crowded and not-so crowded parts of the place? Scan every shop then and try to be vigilant too for this could be a plot or something.

Cute Girl Rescue From Market is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.