Cute Girl Pink Room Escape Game

Cute Girl Pink Room Escape

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Belle decorated her room to look just like when she was kid, it reminds her of the good old days and also it makes her feel like she is still a kid even though she is a woman in her mid 20's. Recently though, Belle wasn't able to admire her room recently, for she had just become very busy on work and she needs to finish everything while things are not piling too much. But that day however, something mysterious happened in her house and that's stopping her from the things she needs to do!

Belle could not get out of the room of hers which she decorated to looks just like her old room! Belle doesn't understand what is happening, but because she can't solve the problem easily, she immediately moved this situation as serious. It is quite serious, for she knows her knobs are new and even the door, there is no reason for it to just lock by itself unless something is happening which was beyond her comprehension? Escape players, will you help Belle here to escape the room not only because she has more stuff to do, but also she needs to be assured there is nothing weird happening in her home?

Cute Girl Pink Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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