Cute Fly Mosquito Escape

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Zack had just discovered a new and fascinating species of fly and he knows it is new, well for one it is as big as a cat! And two, well nothing can really trump its size for it is really big! Zack of course tried to capture the creature delicately, but in his attempt though which was actually pretty difficult, the fly entered a different enclosure and now he needs to get it out of there!

Zack must get it for he knows if somebody else sees this then he can say goodbye to the unusual creature which clearly he discovered first. Zack thought at the back of his mind if he ever gets it out of there, he will name this species the giant mosquito fly. Why though? Well that’s the first thing he thought and he has the rights as its discoverer. But of course he needs to get the animal out of there first though for time is of the essence here before somebody sees. Escape players, are you up to help Zack here free the giant fly so he can safely get it to his house?

Cute Fly Mosquito Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 4 King.

Walkthrough video for Cute Fly Mosquito Escape


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