Cute Farm Escape Game

Cute Farm Escape

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To farmlands is Carl's heading for today, that's because work had been a killer and he thought a bit of green might bring him back to that relaxed state he longed to be in. After a couple of hours of driving, he finally arrives at this random farm and when he sat there and watch the animals, his nerves calmed even more for he already received some calmness on his way through lush countryside. Carl spent all the time that he needed there until he deemed so, he decided to leave afterwards but unfortunately there seems to be a problem when he attempted to.

Carl had lost his keys to his car and what made that worst is he locked the vehicle! Maybe he dropped it somewhere around the thing? Or it was locked-in inside the car! That seems to be not the case for he knows he always have them in his pockets whenever he is out and he knows he had them. Escape players, those might have fallen and he must find it before it gets dark, he doesn't want to be on the road still when that time comes and of course he can't abandon his car there and go on commuting, will you help Carl here with his problem near a farm?

Cute Farm Escape is another new point and click countryside escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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