Cute Falcon Bird Escape

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It’s morning once again and Stephen will be opening his house to let fresh-air in and that’s not all, for his falcon will be spreading its feathers as well in the wilderness they are living in. Firstly, Stephen must find his key for the cage where his falcon is being kept so he can set the bird free for the day. But as he did so though there he realized a problem, he couldn’t find the key to the enclosure!

Stephen knows he just placed it nearby yesterday as he put his falcon to rest and he knows he didn’t misplace it, or did he? Well wherever it is hopefully it’s just around or if it isn’t, then he’ll definitely think there somebody here prowling around and messing with him. Okay escape players, Stephen here will be finding something vital and that’s for the sake of his falcon. Will you be of help here so he can get the bird out for the day? Look around the house then and check every compartment, for the key could possibly be there and he just forgot he placed it there. It’s red in color and quite big, you cannot miss it.

Cute Falcon Bird Escape is a new outdoors item retrieval animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Cute Falcon Bird Escape

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