Cute Cowgirl Escape Game

Cute Cowgirl Escape

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It is once again the event the whole school has been waiting for. You and your friend endured months of sleepless nights preparing for this. It is the annual school intramural sports. You and your friend are ready to show up and grab the best costume award.

The motif for this year's event is western and your friend has decided to dress up as a cute and wild cowgirl. Your friend shows you the finished product and it is indeed impressive. Both of you decide to do a mini photo shoot in her room as a reward. These photos will surely garner a boat load of likes. You then find yourself needing to go the bathroom and relieve yourself. While doing your business, you heard your friend slamming on her door and screaming for help.

Cute Cowgirl Escape is a fun and challenging point and click escape game made by 8b Games. Your friend is in trouble and you will find yourselves late if you do not help your friend out. All your effort will be in vain if you miss the event.

Point and click your way across the house as you look for clues and try to solve the puzzles and help your friend escape. Good luck and have fun!

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