Cute Boy River Escape Game

Cute Boy River Escape

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Johnie River and his little pet fox are well known for everyone in this town. The boy is an orphan and had a lot of trouble with the orphanage. Nobody wanted to adopt him. One night he escaped from the institute and disappeared. I don't have to mention no one really bothered to look for him. After a year or so, we heard a story about a boy, River, and his magic fox, Side. It seems he found himself an extraordinary friend. People say the fox can do amazing tricks you wouldn't even believe. They keep touring around the country and performing shows. They never stay in the city, but search a good place in the nearby forest and set up a camp. You decided to find them and sign a contract with them. You want to hire them in your circus. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Let's see what the problem is!

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