Cute Boy Hungry Escape

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Something is happening in the lands lately and everything had been scarce, armed men are roaming around and they are taking everything from the forest. As a ranger, Hugh has a job of gathering all of the people living in the area for the place is no longer safe for them, he needs to be ready for he might encounter those men or any problem on his rescue mission there. Hugh have already rescued a lot of people and there are fortunately a few left now, the last few ones is this boy who lives in a house with his parents but mysteriously though, his parents were not there with him and it could be that they are in-danger!

Hugh needs to keep the boy safe and if he needs to get out of the place with him then he will. Currently the boy is locked outside of his house and there is food inside, he is too tired and hungry now in trying to break into his own home and that’s where Hugh comes in, for he’ll help the boy get inside and probably even wait until his parents return. This is very dangerous now and well Hugh can’t bring the kid back knowing that he’ll just get separated with his parents if he does so, that’s why he’ll stay with him. But first though they need to break in to the kid’s home and decide what to do next after. Leave then or stay and wait for the kid’s parents? Escape players, will you play as Hugh and help out?

Cute Boy Hungry Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Cute Boy Hungry Escape


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