Cursed Pumpkin Man Escape

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The pumpkin man is a scary entity but his true essence though is not really evil, he would rather want peace instead of scaring people and laughing about it, but he is cursed though and he is forced to live in his house there in the middle of a garden of pumpkins. As his only human friend though, Kale is not afraid of him, she even befriended the scary creature for she sees the goodness in him despite its appearance, that day she’ll even come-by at his place to check on him. It’s a good thing that she did for actually that day, the pumpkin man actually needs saving!

Kale arrives at the house and it was strangely open, that’s weird for he always keeps it lock as his undying trait maybe he adopted when he was human. As Kale went further in there, she came to find what exactly happened to her friend and he was actually cursed again! The pumpkin man is scattered into different pumpkin parts around his house and Kale quickly realized this as another curse from his tormentors. Kale feels pity for the cursed guy, but what can she do now though but to help the man here in gathering himself back for he is really useless at the state he is in. Escape players, Kale is going to need a little hand here to gather the pumpkin man’s segments, will you help her here so she can get this done for him?

Cursed Pumpkin Man Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Cursed Pumpkin Man Escape


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