Curious House Escape Game

Curious House Escape

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You've been here in this neighborhood for a very long time. You know everyone in this place except the owner of the house beside yours. In fact, you never saw that person but you always hear loud noises at night. Fun party noises to be specific but you never get an invite. This makes you feel curious about the owner and the house itself. It looks fun inside so you sneaked your way in. When you went inside, it was just an ordinary house. You found it boring so you just want to leave instead. But as they say, curiosity kills the cat. You can't open the door and this is the problem that you have to solve quickly.

Luckily, the owner is not at home. However, he might come soon so you have to escape from the room as soon as possible. You don't have a key but there are lots of items around the place that you can use to open the door. You just have to use your logic to convert those items into an escape tool. Can you make it on time? Curious House Escape is a brand new room escape game by Avm Games. Good luck!

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