Crystal Bunker Escape Game

Crystal Bunker Escape

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A friend built this bunker for cases of emergency but it seems like now he changed his plans. One day he just decides to prank and lock you in there. Besides that, he set up some puzzles inside and told you to solve them because it's the only way for you to escape. So now you are now in this bunker and you need to find eight crystals hidden within that bunker. You smile to yourself and thought, What an idiot! You love puzzles and solving mysteries in your spare time. In fact, you made it to junior detective in the local law enforcement but you haven't told anybody yet. Now this is a good chance to show off your skills to your friend.

Crystal Bunker Escape is another short point and click escape game in which you have been locked inside a bunker. Prove your friend that you are smart enough to escape. Good luck and have fun!


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