Cryptic Magical Jungle Escape Game

Cryptic Magical Jungle Escape

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The entire land where the magical forest stands is a place which has a ton of stories about weird happenings as well as ghostly apparitions going in and out of there, there were also stories of the place being magical, but that's more like fact now than campfire stories for a lot of people have already confirmed that. One of the persons who wanted to experience the place that day was Corbin and to enhance that experience, he decided to travel on the other side of the area where people don't go. That will add to the dangers of this adventure but Corbin had already decided so nothing can stop him now.

Corbin began his adventure into the forest and in no-time, he got lost in it and that's when he confirmed that there were indeed illusions in the place. He wished he should have brought a guideline but it's kind of too late now, he needs to turn back if he knows what's good for him. He does, but he never expected that the journey back will be as hard as getting in there especially that he seems to be a bit lost now. Escape players, come and join Corbin here as he escapes the wilderness with a strange vibe before the situation gets even worst.

Cryptic Magical Jungle Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from WoW Escape.

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