Crying Emma Escape

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Angie was hired as a babysitter that day by her friend for she needs to leave for now and take-care of some errands, Angie of course accepted for she likes the kid who was Emma. That’s because even though she is just a young one, Angie can already see that she is going to be smart, there were signs and she will be potentially. Right-after Angie’s friend left however, there was immediately a problem and that’s because she could no longer open the door to the kid’s room!

Angie have no idea what’s happened there now, but she is really concerned for Emma and she really needs to get that door open. She needs to do this quietly though and calmly, for ramming the door at this moment in time is illogical and that will only startle the kid. Angie needs to find a key or something, just about anything that can open that door now. Escape players, there is a high chance the door just got accidentally locked there and Angie cannot leave it just like that, she needs to ensure the kid’s safety and right-now. So will you help her with this so she can get to Emma soon?

Crying Emma Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game created by 8b Games.