Crumple Place Escape Game

Crumple Place Escape

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The once place that looks like a complex when it was slowly being constructed is starting to look like a home, that is the owner's aim and they got it after they put some items there in the various rooms in the place. As the owner, Romy thought his place was never going to look like a house, but actually the only issue it had was it's empty because the place was still new. Romy finished some of the rooms there in the place and there is more things that needs to be done, but he thought he can get it done by himself though for it was not heavy work anymore. But he is going to wish he had some help there for one day when he was alone, he experienced a problem and he really need some help!

Romy got trapped in his home for a hall and a doorway couldn't be opened no more and he is starting to get worry! Romy tried to think about what had happened, but he couldn't get some answers by himself for he really didn't pass by the area that day, it's weird and the only ones that can help him now is you escape players! Will you lend a hand to Romy here so he can safely leave his home without doing some damage to the fixtures there? Romy doesn't want his place to be doomed to failure so be quick on the escape.

Crumple Place Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Genie Fun Games.

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