Cruise Ship Cabin Escape Game

Cruise Ship Cabin Escape

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Cruise Ship Cabin Escape is a brand new point and click ship escape game from Ekey Games. Enjoy another fun escape adventure here from a huge ship!

Ros was going to go on a cruise on a cruise-ship and because he expected he'll be sleeping in a container type cabin which is small and makes him claustrophobic, he paid a fair amount for a luxurious room and well, he got it. This is going to be exciting but sometimes good things has a partner and it's not at all great. The ship is now moving and off it goes to the open-ocean, but at some point as he was resting in his room, the roar of the ship's engine suddenly stopped and he thought what could it be? But then when he tried his doors to get some answers or anything, he couldn't open his!

Something is definitely wrong with the room here and the first thing he thought maybe this place is haunted? He is a superstitious kind of person, but this could all be just technical and should be solved shortly. Well escape players, you still have to figure-out what's going-on for Ros isn't exactly a mind-his-own-business person and maybe, something might happen again and he will still have no clue what's-up. Join in on the ship room escape here then everyone, have fun with us daily!

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