Crown Room Fun Escape Game

Crown Room Fun Escape
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There wasn't a long weekend in sight but you decided to create one for yourself. You asked to leave from work on a Friday to take care of the things you needed for your future trip. However, it seemed like things were just simply going against you and you found yourself not doing anything worthwhile. You found it a bit frustrating and staying in your house would just remind you of the time you somehow wasted. So you looked for a house you could stay in for two days just to refresh your mind. You found one that was close to your ideal house. You immediately booked the place and started gathering the things you needed in staying there. The place was already well furnished that you only needed to bring your own personal things. You smiled as you think of the time you would be spending there.

After a few minutes, you reached the place and couldn't believe at how pretty it was. It was like the owner talked to you about your ideal home and made it exactly as you liked. You set your things down and sat on the bed while looking around. However, you couldn't ignore the softness of the bed that you slowly lied down. You fell asleep but woke up when you remembered you didn't have lunch yet. You were only supposed to look for ingredients to use but you end up looking for a way out. Play Crown Room Fun Escape room escape game by Fun Escape Games.

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