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Crime Scene

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You are private investigator and no one should find out about your secret mission. There is a crime scene downtown so you quickly went there to solve the mystery. This crime scene is unlike any other. You have to be low-key with this investigation because this one is very sensitive. In fact, this is the hardest mystery that you ever get to solve. But because you are a great investigator, you know that you can solve this one. On the other note, you should not be very confident so have to do your best to solve this one. The good news is, there are lots of clues that can help you out. There are also objects that can serve as hints. You can't waste too much time in the room so you have to gather all the evidences and clues that can lead you to the end.

Your logic is very important for you to complete this Crime Scene investigation. Crime Scene is a brand new room escape game made by WoW Escape. Play this mind-boggling point n' click escape game and try to solve all the puzzles in the Crime Scene as fast as you can. Best of luck!

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