Creepy Toys House Escape Game

Creepy Toys House Escape

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This house held so many historical information that no one dared to think of demolishing it. You were one of those who valued whatever was inside the house. However, no one really wanted to stay inside for long. They had been hearing too many scary stories from those living near the property. You heard many stories yourself. But you didn't really believe much in such. You worked for the local paper. The editor found it a bit sad that people shied away from visiting the house because of its creepy appearance. You didn't think that the house looked that way actually. You saw it as a grand place that used to shelter many important people. It was an honor for you to just even be able to enter it. Your editor gave you a special task and that was to create a story about the house's creepy toys.

The house itself wasn't scary for you. But when toys were involved especially the creepy ones, it was a different story. Yet you couldn't really deny the command from your editor. So you accepted it without showing any concerns. You entered the house but it took a while before you found the toys. Play Creepy Toy House Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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