Creepy Spider Forest Escape Game

Creepy Spider Forest Escape

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Enjoy this scary forest escape here everyone! Creepy Spider Forest Escape is the newest point and click dark wilderness escape game from WoW Escape. Have fun with us daily.

During the day, the forest seems to be pretty lively and filled with birds as well as serene animals, but when night comes everything becomes silent and the weird creepy crawlies comes-out from the dark recesses of the ground and the trees. It's actually pretty bad luck that Earl needed to venture through there in the night for something came-up and he got to the place late, he just wanted to get home quick and as he expected, the forest started to play with the likes of him!

The land is rumored to have a lot of weird creatures most especially spiders, but they are not pretty normal though for some of them are as big as humans! Venomous too and Earl faced them head-on. Earl needs to keep going as quickly as he can and as carefully as possible, for spiders are triggered with quick and struggling movements, they can absolutely mistake him as prey. Escape players, Earl decided not to let this happen again if he ever gets back safely, well that's if he can. Join Earl then on this giant spider forest escape and see if you can make it out without getting bitten. Good luck!

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