Creepy New Year Party Escape Game

Creepy New Year Party Escape

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Everybody will shout in happiness as the New Year enters. You live in the city and you have seen so many times how people seem to go crazy in celebrating. You find it fun as well and you think it will be lonely without it. However, you want to experience a different kind of New Year. Since it's your chance to start something new, you wish to be in a new surrounding as well. You have been putting off your visit to a forest near you. But for this time, you'll be spending the coming of the year there. It will somehow give you the idea of how the animals there see they fireworks display. You drive there a few hours before midnight. As the night comes close, you begin to see the forest as not so peaceful anymore. Instead, it becomes a creepy place.

You should've brought some friends to accompany you. But you also want to keep the peace surrounding this place. Then again, the peace is somehow lost because you can't get your head off of the creepy creatures that may come out. So you decide that it's best to be back to the city. But how? Play Creepy New Year Party Escape outdoor escape game by WoW Escape.

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