Creepy Mine Escape Game

Creepy Mine Escape

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Enjoy this mine escape adventure here everyone. Creepy Mine Escape is another new point and click underground escape game made by Selfdefiant for more dose of fun escapes with us. Good luck!

The green forest is absolutely lush but because it is located in the mountains, a journey there will be long and quite difficult, well Atom is determined to get through that challenge just to feel the lushness and finally see some green other than the white paper-works as well as his walls in his office. Atom did took the beaten path and he was absolutely amazed of the forest, for he hadn't seen such lush things before in his life, guess being born and lived in the city for all of his life actually had some disadvantages, but he didn't know that. Well what he didn't know as well was the fact he will be facing something different there in the wilderness which will be getting him by surprise.

Atom was happily strolling along the trail when suddenly, he fell into something and boy it hurt! It seems like there is a hole along the path now, but where he fell at the moment was a place he definitely did not expect. Atom was in some sort of secret bunker or something and it's weird for there is lava flowing in a corner, and he even fell very close to it! He doesn't know though if it's real or not, but what he knows now is that he needs to escape out of there quick before something else happens. Escape players, you can all try the escape adventure here with Atom, try your very best to escape this underground place before another thing unexpectedly comes up. Have fun!


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