Creepy Halloween Night Game

Creepy Halloween Night

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You were walking along the lanes in the theme park when you happened to pass by an empty space. You wondered how could there be such when everything all around was well-developed. This caught your attention and interest. So you decided to check it out. You walked closer to it and saw that the path led somewhere. It was nearing closing time and you only had a few minutes left. If you walk out now, you may not be able to see what was at the end of the path. You looked around and followed the path. The park had a Creepy Halloween Night theme which made everything looked extra creepy. However, you really enjoyed every time you found yourself in one. Even the creepy sounds didn't bother you. Somehow you were hoping to find a pleasantly creepy surprise at the end.

Then again, the path became less and less distinguishable from the ground. You looked up and saw the sky had gone orange and the rest a shade of black and orange. Your heart started to pound faster and you were almost panicking. But you managed to calm it down so you could still think logically. Play Creepy Halloween Night room escape game by Mirchigames.

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