Creepy Ghost Forest Escape Game

Creepy Ghost Forest Escape

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You wanted to cry your heart out after a huge mishap. You thought you were doing everything that you possibly could. But it turned out that there was more to it and people couldn't even see your efforts. It broke your heart to million pieces and you wanted so bad to shout. So you looked for a place that could contain your shouts without people rushing towards you. You looked at the map of your place. It seemed like you've been to every place except for the forest outside of the city proper. It was Halloween. And people were already dressed up as ghosts and ghouls. Usually, you would be afraid of them. But since your heart was so heavy, you would even thank them if they attacked you. Then again, nobody dared to get in your way. It seemed like they could also feel your burden.

You were close to breaking down on the road but it wouldn't look good. So you kept your emotions until you reached the forest. But just when you thought you could let it all out, you saw how creepy the forest was. You were not so sure but it was like you could hear some disembodied voices. Play Creepy Ghost Forest Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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