Creepy Escape

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Billie woke-up and found himself in a creepy castle and he was alone, that makes the situation extra worst! Billie wanted to know how he got there and who brought him for surely he didn’t sleepwalk all the way there. He remembers a nearest castle from his home though but it’s too far to walk to and surely he was brought there. Billie also thought in his mind maybe he was brought back in time through his sleep! For the castle here has items which looked fresh and absolutely medieval, that’s unlikely though but the mystery here is really getting Billie off focus.

Billie needs to get himself out of the place for he was already confused and he thought he might not be ready on what will happen next. Escape players, want to join Billie here on his escape from a castle which he didn’t even know how he got himself into? Hopefully he is not in the past here for there might not be a way to return home. Make use of everything you can find then however old it might those be for there is really nothing else you can use here. Ready your skills and logic too for those will be very useful.

Creepy Escape is the newest point and click castle escape game created by Selfdefiant.

Walkthrough video for Creepy Escape


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