Creepy Dream Escape Game

Creepy Dream Escape

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Creepy Dream Escape is the newest game created by Selfdefiant. Best of luck!

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  1. Date: December 30, 2020
    Author: Michaela
    Ich hab schon zweimal gefragt, warum ich diese Spiele nicht mehr spielen kann. Ich kannimmer noch nicht und krieg von euch keine Antwort. WAS IST LOS??? [Reply]
    • Date: December 31, 2020
      Author: Escaper Joe
      Greetings Michaela, I was answering your question below your previous comment. In short Flash games will not be playable anymore. There is one way, but it is insecure. Let me know if you are interested to play flash games using this insecure way which I do not recommend. [Reply]

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