Creepy Bog Escape Game

Creepy Bog Escape

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And now this bog was coming from everywhere. You clearly remembered when this all started. It was a fine day. And you thought all the great days would follow from then on. However, as soon as you met the weird lady, things turned around for the bad. You were waiting for a friend to have a meal with you. But you had to miss it because you had to help the lady. You thought you wouldn't see her the next day. Yet it seemed like your time together wasn't through yet. She was walking on the street and you just couldn't help but ask for the refund of the expenses you had the other day. You were waiting for her to deny it. But she actually acknowledged it and offered you a meal as well. You had a place to go so you declined the meal.

However, she wasn't listening to you and instead dragged you into a cafe. You didn't notice the time while eating and missed your appointment. The lady just stood up, paid for the food and left. You were so annoyed as you went to your car. Somehow you felt relieved to be home soon. But on the road, your car broke and the strange bog slowly surrounded you. Play Creepy Bog Escape room escape game by Mouse City.


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