Creepy Black House

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Everyday, you spend a little more time at work. It’s not like you don’t want to go home to your house. You actually like staying in your house. And if given the chance, you will just spend the whole day there and enjoy your free time alone. However, getting a free time these days is a luxury you can’t seem to afford often. And just like today, you went out of your workplace at night. It’s an unusually chilly and rainy night. Not many vehicles are passing on the road. So it took you a while before you caught a ride home. Then finally, a vehicle stopped in front of you and got in. The driver then started talking to you and it made you feel comfortable. However, your eyes focused on him that you missed the road home. So instead you took another route.

This route is somewhere you haven’t taken before. But your driver assured you it’ll take you to the right destination. While you patiently wait in the back seat, you heard some voices somewhere. You thought it was just your imagination so you shove it off. Then the vehicle stopped a creepy black house. What’s hidden in this place? Play Creepy Black House room escape game by Mirchigames and discover what’s behind the creepiness.