Crazy Penguin Escape Game

Crazy Penguin Escape

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Crazy Penguin Escape is point and click escape game from Eight Games. Imagine in this game you are a scientist who had been studying the effects of the global warming to the Earth. You had discovered that if the ice caps were going to shrink soo fast the habitat of the animals in polar region was going to disappear in years. One day you got a phone call from one of your scientist friend who invited you to study how the animals could adapt to this new lifestyle. The next week you were already on the plane to this region. When you arrived you immediately set out to the icefields to examine the consistency of the ice to predict its possible lifetime. You were working there for hours when suddenly you glanced a cage and a small penguin was locked inside. Unfortunately you couldn't open it without any key. Find hidden objects and fit them together to release the animal. Good luck!



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