Crazy Insane Hospital Escape Game

Crazy Insane Hospital Escape

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You can't let your trip be just like any other trip. You don't really like going to the touristy places and show people the same thing all over again. So abandoned and haunted places should always be present to spice things up. And you find what you're looking in a crazy insane hospital. This hospital pops up as you look over at the distance and think of your travel plans. It looks so interesting that you can't let it pass you by. So you make sure to make this part of your memory. You slowly enter the hospital. It's still full of the damaged parts from the hospital. Pieces of paper scatter on the floor and you pick one up. Luckily, it's a news clip about the hospital's closure. You read the whole thing and hurriedly walk to the exit. But too late. This will now be just a memory.

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