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Crazy Dream 2

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You're experiencing some allergic reactions due to the dust in the air. You try wearing a mask but that only worsens it. The strands of cloth and thread are also irritating your nose making it itchy and making you sneeze. The best remedy for this is moving air. However, you can't always ride a moving vehicle so you can have your fresh moving air. So instead, your mom bought you an antihistamine. She can't take seeing you sneeze a lot and then lose hours of sleep. You don't really like taking medicine because you know this will just go away. But to give your mom some peace of mind, you drink the medicine. It didn't show any effect until the time to go to bed. Once you closed your eyes, you're already in dream land. This rarely happens without the medicine. But you're liking it.

The next morning, you still take the medicine as you can still feel some of the allergic reactions. However, it's making you sleepy even in the morning. Every chance you get, you end up falling asleep. You're supposed to be in a parade now, but sleep is so good. And you end up dreaming. This is another crazy dream where you have to escape. Play Crazy Dream 2 outdoor escape game by 365 Escape. Good luck!

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